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Effective marketing is about making connections.  For technology products, this means making the case to both management and the front line.   For the CIOs or LOB managers it means documenting real Return on Investment.  For the front line technicians it is about quality of delivery in features and functions and an understanding of their needs.

RAL-II has developed and delivered the message and presentation materials for audiences ranging from 10 to 1000.  From 1995-1999, RAL-II principal, Robert Locke, was the primary presenter for a half-day seminar series to 70-75 prospects per event, hitting 90 cities across the US and Canada in our last year.  For these seminars, he authored the presentation and developed most of the product demonstrations as a combined delivery to both CIOs and front-line technicians.



Presentation Development

RAL-II understands your technology company, your product, your market and your customers.  We can provide high impact presentations through graphics, animations and videos integrated with product demonstrations.

Technology Demonstrations

RAL-II has the platform and technical experience to develop demonstrations showcasing your company's cutting edge new products.

Interactive Deliveries

RAL-II can deliver your message at a trade show, seminar or conference.  We understand your message and can even answer participant questions.

Reference Accounts

Reference Accounts

Computer Associates International, Inc.

Designed, developed and delivered for four years the Total Enterprise Management seminar series showcasing CA's flagship product, Unicenter.

Open Door Technology Marketing

Provided technical presentation services on behalf of Open Door's clients.


Delivered short seminars to IBM business partners and customers on a strategy/message shift for the storage division.

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