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RAL-II Consulting, LLC has been providing technical services to the business community for over twenty-five years.  We have made a serious impact on these organizations' processes and technology implementations, ultimately improving their bottom lines.

Take a look at our current services in technical education, integration, marketing and consulting.


RAL-II provides both certified and non-certified instructional services.  We create instructor-led curricula.  We develop instructional programs and marketing plans.  We even train the trainers.


RAL-II installs the hardware, software and cables of small office LANs.  We provide customized multi-platform integrations for multi-national corporations.  And, of course, we do everything in between.


RAL-II develops and delivers the message and presentation materials for audiences ranging from 10 to 1000.  We create specialized or combined deliveries appropriate for both CIOs and front-line technicians.


RAL-II provides project management expertise to accomplish a variety of goals, from conception to implementation.

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