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RAL-II Consulting, LLC believes that the best way to improve technical innovation is through effective education.  To that end, we provide technical instruction, curriculum development, and the creation of educational program plans.  We have been responsible for training other trainers.

Technical education provides the "fountain of youth" to those individuals that want to stay relevant in the fast-paced, ever-changing IT field.  Information Technology has been equated with constant learning.   RAL-II can provide the effective technical education services needed by system administrators, network implementers and the technology vendors.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits



Technical Instruction

RAL-II utilizes instructors with significant real-world technical backgrounds and specific experience with the platform or technology being taught.  Our instructors adapt their educational plans to the varied needs of each class, each group of students, to insure that every student gains the necessary knowledge to be successful when they return to their place of employment.

Curriculum Development

RAL-II can create half-day instructional seminars or develop week-long courseware.  We have also provided technical feedback and re-write services to curriculum development teams.

Program Plans

RAL-II has given advice to organizations looking to get into the certification track.  Certification can, not only, provide legitimacy to the education program and materials, but, more importantly, can be used to provide verification of individual competency.  The danger is the creation of "paper certifications" or short-lived, dead-ended tracks.

Reference Accounts

Reference Accounts

Red Hat

RAL-II is teaching Red Hat Certified Engineer classes and proctoring exams for Red Hat's award winning certification programs.

Computer Associates

RAL-II has provided CA employee and client instruction through CA's Education Division along with curriculum review and train-the-trainer services.

Jack Morton

RAL-II has delivered Cisco CCNP official curricula and Linux curricula through IBM's largest Authorized Training Partner, Jack Morton Technical Education Group, nee Right Source.

Boston University Corporate Education Center

In the early 1990's, RAL-II developed and helped launch BU's entry into Novell Authorized Education creating an instructional program focused on displaced individuals' needs for a new career.

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